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How the Show Works

As soon as the theater doors open, the Show Game has begun.  Adventure Theater Show Games are an extremely long-form, story-based, Improv that periodically uses audience members in the performance.  The Story Adventurers play out their character’s objectives to solve their conflicts.  The conflicts that support the plot of the story are pushed forward by the Game Captain.  The Game Captain is there to lead the story, narrate a Show Game, and play needed parts.

Each Show Game is always different as the story episodes continue from night to night.  Before a Show Game begins, a short series of Tableaus will explain what has happened in previous nights, to refresh the memory of the audience, and to get newcomers caught up.  Each Show Game lasts 90 to 120 minutes.

The audience has three main duties to take part in during the length of a Show Game. 

           1.    The first duty is to roll the 20-sided dice.  The dice are to be rolled at the Game Captain or Story                   Adventurer’s request.  Having the audience roll the dice creates an investment opportunity for                       the audience.  Look out for Nat 1’s!!  Go Nat 20’s!! 

           2.    Second is perform.  There might be a need for dead bodies on the ground, townsfolk to run a                       market, or an audience member to play a monster.  This is the opportunity for an audience                           practitioner to use their imagination and play a part in the Show Game.  If an audience member                   gets to be in a fight, they will be asked to pick their plastic and foam prop weapons for the                           scuffle.  The audience members fight onstage, in a slow-motion, turn-based engagement.  


           3.    Last is to have a voice.  Adventure Theater creates an environment where the Game Captain will                   ask for the audience’s help in telling the story.  The Game Captain picks the strongest and most                   entertaining idea and moves the Show Game forward.

Putting all these elements like long-form Improv, and audience interaction together is what         makes Adventure Theater different from any other live show.  Adventure Theater is committed to creating organic moments that will be remembered by the audience for years to come. 

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