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Vengeance & Veritas

History of the known world

With time, as space was attached to it, the Yonder Gods lived to bring existence to bear.  From that initial moment of creation, the Yonder Gods built astral and dimensional realms to live on but became drained in sustaining all the different planes.  A solution was discovered.  The Yonder Gods, as with all Gods, could be rejuvenated by faith.  Faith can only be given by those who have something to lose.  Mortals have the most potent faith.  Mortals have the ultimate to lose, in life itself.  Faith gives mortals hope, while faith gives immortals strength.  Faith is the connective channel between the two. Immortals are beyond death, as it is an acknowledgment of time.  No time, no death.  True immortals live as Gods do, beyond death and beyond time.

The Yonder Gods created three initial races to give faith.  First were the Dwarves. Modeled after the God Altoa, the Yonders created the Dwarves from the trees and rocks of the world.  Dwarves were meant to build and protect, as they were made to be hardy and strong.  The second race was the Velderin. They were made for their cunning and intellect but suffered too much of their own ego. The third was the Droka, a race made by the Yonder Gods to challenge the Dragons. 

The Dragons came from the extreme energy that the Gods suffered while making the mortal planes.  The Dragons infected the mortal realm and sought to become powerful influences in the land, taking faith away from the immortals.  Dragons will live forever if they can survive the violence of this plane.  This world and plane are known as Thra-Moven.

The Droka and the Dragons fought.  The Droka were annihilated.  Before their demise, they gave the Dwarves, The four Orbs of Control.  These Orbs were designed to keep evil Dragons at bay.  To safeguard the major cities of the realm, the Orbs were placed and hidden underneath the structure of those cities.  The four cities currently securing the Orbs are Domain of Clawvine, Elder, Bloodrein, and Kalafma.

Years into the future the Orbs of Control and their influence have endured. Many tales surround these Orbs.  Countless times, evil Dragons have tried to destroy them, only to be weakened, killed, or ensnared.  For example, the Dwarven King Clawvine, of Blue Dragon Falls uses the Orb to control a giant evil Blue Dragon known as “The King Eater.”

There are other Dragons to be known; Vilo-‘Mola, an ancient one said to have disappeared when he had learned that the Droka had killed his Dragon daughter and wife.  Fimona, The Red Hate, an ancient Wyrm that lives on Thunder Island.  Fimona, claimed the island after her victory over the Droka.  Many other Dragons exist.  They are pulled by ego, need, and power.

Following the ancient Laws of the Land, every 1,500 years the title of Ruler goes to the next race.  Humans are currently in power due to the Competition of Worthiness. This competition was invented to decide which family would assume power.  40 years ago, when Humans gain the right to rule, the family of Krender, and the family of Ha’varo, competed.  Tyrrel Krender earned the title of Ruler of Kalafma.  Kalafma is the city where our story begins.

There are some known folks of Kalafma that everyone who lives there has heard of.  First, as expected are the King and Queen of Kalafma.  Victors of the Competition of Worthiness 40 years ago.  The family has a few cousins and siblings that live throughout the land as barons/baronesses.  The famous tale that is connected to the ruling family is the loss of their son Brian.  At the age of fifteen, while traveling with his parents, their cart met a rough washed-out road and bad weather, causing the family to travel on foot.  While engaging with unsavory terrain, reports go that Brian fell down a steep mountain, to his death.  However, doubt and rumors surround this event as people who went to retrieve Brian’s body were never able to locate his remains.  The King’s advisor, Malvolio was able to stem the waves of allegations against the throne.  Malvolio would be the second person to be known in the city.  A wealthy and wise man, he has dedicated himself to the Kingdom of Kalafma.  All know him as a person who can see both sides of an argument.  Malvolio has always been around and seems to use his wealth to stay alert and alive.  His man about town is Hepper.  Hepper is the guy who speaks for Malvolio on the streets.  A tough and rugged man who sees the world in simple terms.

There are two Vampires that have been present in the story of this city.  First is Vampire Asher, she is driven by an unknown singular purpose.  Her only achievement has been to destroy the one who bit her.

The second Vampire is also set on a singular purpose.  Vampire Pericles is about the land rumored to be raising an army of the dead, as well as recruiting sympathetic people for his cause.  Vampire Pericles was bitten by Asher.  He has a known vendetta against the thrown of Kalafma.

Vampires in this world will live forever.  Proper disposal of a blood drinker will send them into dust and hell, hence ending the existence of that Vampire in the mortal realm.  To end a Vampire, one must: 

1.  Stake the heart of the Vampire with wood.  

2.  Gallon of Holy water poured on body and head of Vampire.  

3.  Chop the head of the Vampire and move it 10 feet away from the body.  

4.  Burn the body of the Vampire first, then burn the head.  

5.  Say Vampire’s birth name as the head burns.  Any deviation from this protocol will allow the Vampire to exist.


Last is Thrule the Maze Builder.  He is an Arch Minotaur and a fierce and powerful creature.  He gained a noted slash in popularity when he fought Vampire Pericles.  Apparently, the fight was spurred by something to do with false information surrounding an escape. 

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